Anna dello Russo, former Editor at Large and Creative Consultant for Vogue Japan, now still one of the influent fashion journalists, on and off the net, indeed one of the first ones to know how to use it to the point of branding herself.

An eclectic character who lives multiple lives. Helmut Newton thought of her as a "fashion maniac”. She is now in fashion consultancy for different fashion brands and work with social media playing with her multiple looks.

Well known for her fashion style and taste she is the perfect fashion advocate of excesses.

Main 2 MAX&Co.

"Everything fits together, everything goes with everything else, everything is modular, easy to apply. This is the distinctive trait of De-Coated."



Ultra-colourful and tailored: “De-Coated” is the new &Co.llaboration with AdR. The coat goes “deconstructed” and grabs the spotlight! With no lining or sleeves, it converts into a blazer, dress, skirt, corset.

The colour palette is neon – pink, citrine, orange. The cropped Tee takes over, made unique by the electric pink and AdR’s signature, while the Dot bag goes all gold. Star: the red bustier dress with mini and maxi sequins.

A capsule that celebrates the eclectic and original style of one of the most popular fashion icons of the fashion world.

Main 1 MAX&Co.
Look 1 MAX&Co.
Look 2 MAX&Co.


“I wanted to reimagine the coat – MAX&Co.'s cornertsone piece – as a deconstructed piece, which is actually where “De-Coated”, the name of the capsule, comes from. The coat has been made lighter, dismantled, and can be turned into a small peacoat, a skirt, a top. The coat looses its sleeves and, in fact, becomes “deconstructed”.

Main 3 MAX&Co.